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Mindful Tips to Improve Awareness as per Zorayr Manukyan

Mindful Tips to Improve Awareness as per Zorayr Manukyan

Ever wondered what mindfulness is? Mindfulness refers to awareness of your feelings, thoughts and sensations at that moment. Being mindful also helps you gently accept your feelings. It makes you more aware of the world within yourself and helps you recognize what drives and motivates you. It also helps you recognize what pulls you down and makes you stuck. The more mindful you are, the more you begin to understand yourself and the way you respond to the world.

Zorayr Manukyan strongly believes that practising mindfulness often can help one reduce stress and improve focus. It can also boost your performance in the workplace as well as in life. Being mindful can also help change habits and eliminate negative habits.

Also, practising mindfulness is not a time-consuming task and thus is easy to incorporate into our daily lives, informs Zorayr Manukyan. Mindfulness also helps one build resilience over time, thus helping one feel less overwhelmed during times of upheaval.

Zorayr Manukyan gives some tips to practice mindfulness in different aspects of life below.

How to Eat Mindfully Instructs Zorayr Manukyan

To eat mindfully, pay attention to every bite you eat. Savour the taste of the food and chew slowly. Also, while eating, feel how the food is nourishing you from within and how it’s fueling your body. Be present with your food and focus on the task of eating entirely. Resist multi-tasking, such as talking to people or scrolling through your phone. Eating mindlessly can be detrimental to an individual. It can lead to overeating and consuming too much sugar.

Be Mindful in How You Interact

Zorayr Manukyan strongly believes it’s essential to be mindful when meeting other people. Your interactions, even with the people close to you, such as your partner, children and colleagues, should be mindful. This can be done by giving the other person your entire, undivided attention. Listen attentively rather than doing another task, such as scrolling through your phone when someone is talking. If someone shares their opinion with you, listen to them rather than creating an argument.

Zorayr Manukyan also thinks when you pay close attention to how you feel, it’s easier to listen to others and respond to them mindfully.

Pause and Reflect Advices Zorayr Manukyan

When you’re busy with tasks, it’s hard to remain mindful throughout the day. Zorayr Manukyan instructs one great way to remain mindful is to pause during the day and practice some basic mindful exercises. You can create a certain time to do these exercises. It can be during your lunch break, work, or early in the morning. You can also take a few minutes to do yoga or practice meditation during the day. 

Focusing on your breathing can help you become more mindful and aware when anxious or stressed. Zorayr Manukyan believes you can also work on progressive muscle relaxation techniques. This can be done by tensing and relaxing certain muscle groups simultaneously. This will also help you recognize what body parts are likely to tense up more when stressed.